Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bearcats dump Blue Demons

I just really like that DePaul logo. Cincinnati improved to 16-11, 7-8, with a 74-69 win over 8-19, 1-14 DePaul. Yancy Gates and Lance Stephenson had career days, and UC might have set a school record for worst free throw shooting ever. Gates had a career high 23 points to go with 8 rebounds. Lance went off for 18-10-4 assists. Great effort from those 2. Ibrahima Thomas grabbed 10 rebounds, and UC had 44. The Bearcats let the Demons hang around by shooting 14-32 at the free throw line. That's right. We'll break this down more in the recap tomorrow. DePaul played hard tonight. Will Walker had 24, and I believe 21 in the second half. Mac Koshwal had 19-12 as well. This game wasn't pretty, wasn't very fun to watch, but it was a win. And it will end with an amazing recap tomorrow that you should all read. Probably twice. We needed this one, and we got it. That's all that matters.

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