Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Butch Jones thoughts

That's video of Butch Jones' pregame speech before the MAC title game, and video highlights of the victory. I'm pretty excited about the Butch Jones era. There is a little concern from some parties because he interviewed for the West Virginia job after his first season at CMU. That makes one wonder if the Michigan job came open that he would leave then as well. But who cares? There is also concern that he won with BK's players at Central Michigan. Those concerns I share as well, but luckily, he's following BK yet again. He did wonders with Dan Lefevour, and I think he can help Zach Collaros have a big, big year. Jones runs the spread, and the offense basically the same way Kelly did at Central, and like Kelly did here. I'm pretty excited about this hire. Central Michigan was very balanced, scoring 27 rushing and passing TDs this season. They went undefeated in the MAC and were ranked for the first time in school history. It will be very interesting to see how Jones deals with expectations. For the first time in school history, there is pressure to win. Losing more than the Oklahoma game non-conference is going to be a let down. Not winning the Big East is going to be a let down. Not to me, but to the fanbase. Especially if UC had a drastic fall back into irrelevance nationally. That said, I think that Butch Jones is going to help the program advance in the right direction. I think that he is going to win here. He is going to be hard pressed to match the Brian Kelly level of success the past 2 seasons, but 10, hell even 9 or 8, wins a year at Cincinnati is rather impressive. I don't think he's a Kragthrope hire, and I think the University of Cincinnati picked the right man to keep the train on the tracks of success.
(Edit. There is a 5 pm press conference this afternoon to make the formal announcement. Watch it live here)

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