Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crosstown Shootout Countdown. #4

Continuing the countdown to the Crosstown Shootout, we reach the Xavier player that I hated the 4th most. Yes, hated. The hate for Xavier has mainly gone away as I have gotten older. Sad I know, but these 5 have a special hate box in my heart that still hasn't gone away. Yesterdays hated Xavier player was Tyrone Hill. This is the last generation of the Xavier players that I hate. This man was known for his bald head, and ridiculous X tattoo. He was also the National Player of the Year. I would type my David West memories, but those 4 Shootouts were blocked out of my mind, minus the 20 point blowout at the Cintas Center. That memory is fresh. The #4 most hated Xavier player is David West

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