Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crosstown Shootout Countdown. #2

The thought occurred to me that the countdown should end the day before the game. But, it should be noted that the last entry will get the blood boiling and you will be so filled with Xavier hatred, that you will probably punch your monitor. As long as you don't break it, things should be good. In case you missed it, so far our scorn has been directed at Tyrone Hill, David West and Gary Lumpkin. This edition of Xavier hate is a little unfair. I was all ready to write about one person, but there was another man I forgot who I wanted to be on this list.
Person # 1 is Justin Doellman. Just look at the stupid way he spells his name. Doellman deserves your hate because there was no player who seemed like a bigger douche than him. He is the type of person who pops the collars on his polo shirts. His pink polo shirts. Hell, he probably wears two and pops both collars. JD even has annoying initials, exactly like the main character of Scrubs. Zach Braff and Justin Doellman would probably be best friends if they ever met each other.
Person # 2 is Kevin Frey. Unlike Justin(I'm not typing that last name again, not even for a label), he sported a buzz cut. The buzz cut made him look like the asshole we all know he was. There is plenty of reason to hate Frey. What popped in your head when you read his name? Was it him running around the Gardens in his retarded gray Xavier jersey after they beat Kenyon Martin and the top ranked Bearcats? If not, you must not have remembered his name. That's the lasting image of Frey for me, and other Cat fans alike. The best Frey moment was when Xavier played Duquesne and someone hit him in the face and he had to leave the game and get stitches. Thankfully, there is a picture of it. I hope he gets hit by a bus.

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