Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SI has Lance Stephenson as one of the top freshmen in the country


The next Sports Illustrated that you open will not only have Bengals playoff preview, but it will mention the Cincinnati freshmen sensation, Lance Stephenson. Ok sensation was a bit much probably, but Born Ready was mentioned among the nation's elite freshmen. John Wall was on some of the covers, and there was probably a big write up about him. I'm guessing they write about the people on the cover. Who knows? Does anyone read magazines anymore? Anyway, the other freshmen mentioned were Kansas' Xavier Henry (not pronounced like Xavier, but za-v-eh. We should say Xavier like this from now on.), DeMarcus Cousins of Kentucky, Avery Bradley of Texas and Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech. Here is what SI wrote about the Bearcats leading scorer.

Before he even set foot in Cincinnati, New York City basketball prodigy Stephenson had starred in a documentary,Gunnin' for That #1 Spot, and graced the cover of Dime magazine, which proclaimed, THIS 17-YEAR-OLD WOULD BE AN NBA STAR RIGHT NOW. In sum: the 6'5" freshman guard has an outsized ego (he talked trash to opposing coach Chris Mack during the Bearcats' loss at Xavier) and nerves of steel. (He was fouled with less than a second left and made both free throws in a breakthrough 71--69 win over No. 10 Connecticut on Dec. 30.)
Great press for the Bearcats and Lance. Enjoy him while you can, because it doesn't seem like he's lasting long for better or worse.

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