Friday, January 1, 2010

Sugar Bowl Live Blog: #3 Cincinnati Bearcats v. #5 Florida Gators

Welcome to the first ever live blog. Depending on how the night goes, it could be the last. It probably won't be.

8:36- The Cats come out in all white. First time ever for white helmets. They don't look as ridiculous as Florida's fail helmets did. Thom Brennaman and Brian Billick and Fox are getting their mouths warmed up for the 3 and a half hour Tebow/Meyer blow job. The Gators come out in their classic home unis.

8:41- Dennis Haysbert is doing the coin toss. President Palmer better flip a UC logo or we'll know the world is full of evil. Oh, it's a traditional coin. And Florida wins. Dennis Haysbert does not seem to give a shit and might be hung over from last night. UC will get the ball. And here's another commercial.

8:45- The obligatory Urban Meyer interview. Pretty sure he's not going to answer a real question Chris Meyers.

First Quarter
15:00- Mardy Gilyard takes the kick return to the 26 for a 18 yard return or so. Pike and co march on the field. I'm very nervous a pick 6 is coming.
14:50- And the first pass is complete. Exhale
14:40- Ben Guidugli a first down catch. And a personal foul. UC to the Florida 42.
13:56- Ramsey gets the first carry and there's a hold. I'm not going to blog every play, don't worry. Just this drive probably. Maybe. I'm very nervous.
13:23- Incompletion and a 2 yard run. This is not going well.
12:52- Rainey does nothing with the punt. Florida will start at the 18. Get ready for the Teblowing.
12:10- Tebow's first pass to Riley Cooper gets a 1st down across the 30. It's going to be interesting if the defense can get pressure.
11:48- Tebow's first run goes nowhere. Alex Daniels made the stop.
10:20- The Gators convert a 3rd and 8. Hernandez has 2 catches. He's the man the Cats have to stop in the passing game.
9:29- Tebow completes another one and is 5/5 41. Not the best start. Demps for 5. The defense needs to not give up 7.
8:23 Tebow goes down.  Alex Daniels son. 3rd and 9 for the Gators. And it's converted to the UC 21. Whoever 6 is needs to be covered.
7:08- There was a whistle blown and UC stops paying attention. Tebow runs to the 4. That was questionable.  Demps is hurt.
6:13- Tebow to Hernandez and he got the ball over the goal line. You can never show the Demps injury again  Fox. Extra Point blocked! Walter Stewart jumped over the snapper and blocked the kick!
Florida 6 Cincinnati 0
6:13-Gilyard breaks the return to the UC 45.
5:24- Halfback throw back pass almost gets a huge play to Guidugli. A Pike sneak on 3rd and 2 does not work. Why not bring in Zach if they are going to do that?
4:48- Punt taken by Rainey across the 19. Come on D. The offense needs to keep going and not stall at midfield
3:40- Tebow down the middle to Nelson to the UC 40. This is not good. The Cats are giving up huge plays.
3:15- Like this 25 yard pass to Hernandez. Tebow is 9/9. Not great. There is a block in the back on Florida. thank god.
2:10- Tebow thrown down for a loss. 3rd and 16 at the 35. Tebow completes to Cooper to the 23. Not enough for a 1st down. Field goal attempt coming.
1:20 Sturgis makes this one from 40.
Florida 9 Cincinnati 0
1:20-Mardy can't do much with the return only to the 23.
:07- Pike is sacked on 3rd and 12. This is officially not good.
End Quarter 1

15:00- Jake Rogers blasts one 59 yards to the Florida 36. Let's see if there is a stop coming.
14:20- Florida has 165 yards to UC's 19 after Moody catches a 7 yard pass for a first down. Tebow still perfect.
13:14- UC can't stop Florida. This is like the Pitt game, except there are less signs of hope.
12:32- Tebow throws his first incompletion. Drew Frye got a good lick in.
12:28- UC stops a Tebow sneak on 3rd and 1. Florida is going for it. And Tebow runs for it. The chances of winning this game are looking pretty slim. This was the worst case scenario
10:24- Andre Revels blows up an option hand off. Another Gator is hurt, this time a lineman. It's 3rd and 6 or 7 and UC needs this stop big time.
10:10- Tebow hits Hernandez and he rumbles down to the 7. JK Schaffer can't cover him.
9:07- Deonta Thompson makes a great catch on a pass Tebow throws to the corner of the end zone. At least we'll always have the win over Pittsburgh. And we don't block this extra point
Florida 16 Cincinnati 0
9:07-Mardy not returning the kick as the Gators kick away from him. Williams' return was to the 28. Pike is sacked at the 22. This is pretty suckalicious.
8:06 Binns can't hold on to a long pass by Pike. Rogers put the pun to the Gator 34.
7:46- Tebow stays on fire and flips one to Rainey who gets to the 45 of UC and is horse collared. Great.
7:30- Tebow throws a dart to Hernandez to the UC 6. This is a slaughter. No signs of stopping the Gators.
7:05- Emmanuel Moody walks in from 6 yards out.
Florida 23 Cincinnati 0
7:05- Total yards 267-11. 11 fucking yards. Embarrassing. UC will start at the 28 again
6:24- A first down! Celebrate the small things peeps
5:26- Guidulgi makes 2 catches for another chain mover. It only took being down 23 for the offense to move the ball.
5:08- After UC gets the ball to the UF 34, Isaiah Pead gets chippy when he thinks he got hit out of bounds and there's a personal foul. Jesus.
3:52- On a 3rd and 15, Jacob Ramsey catches a pass for 12 and is shoved by Hicks of the Gators for a 15 yard penalty to the 28 and first down. Best Cats drive of the day. That's saying little.
3:23- 3rd and 10 and Pike overthrows Guidugli. Rogers is coming in for a 47 yard FG. It's good
Florida 23 Cincinnati 3
3:11- Tebow throws to a wide fucking open Riley Cooper for an 80 yard TD pass. Official embarrassing.
Florida 30 Cincinnati 3
2:12- Armon Binns makes his first catch. For nothing, but it's a catch
1:32- Carlos Dunlap blows by the offensive line and sacks Pike. 4th sack of the night for UF. Sigh
:49-A Tebow run and pass put the Gators at the UC 30. A rare Tebow incompletion. 18-20 307 3 TDs for the star.
:14- Nelson makes a grab to get UF to the 23. 3rd and 3. Tebow throws it away.
:08- Caleb Sturgis out for the field goal attempt from 39. He missed it.
:04- Ramsey runs out the half with a 10 yard run.

This was the ultimate nightmare scenario for UC and the fans. Just horrible

Third Quarter
15:00- Rainey takes the kick to the 45. Great start. Here are the stats

  • Rushing UC -5 Florida 63 
  • Passing UC 60 Florida 320
  • 1st downs Uc 5 Florida 18
  • Yards a Play UC 1.9 Florida 9.1

13:45- A couple first down completions and a loss of 4 and Tebow throws a strike and Florida is down to the UC 11. Tebow has 356 yards, a career high.
12:39- Brian Billick fucking sucks. I hate his arrogant fuck face. And him responding to the producers on air.
11:39- 3-7 at the 8 and Tebow runs for 6 1/2. Florida going for it.
11:13- Emmanuel Moody walks in for this second score after Tebow pitches on a speed option. The domination continues. Drink your drinks Cincinnati fans, this one is over. And sad.
Florida 37 Cincinnati 3
9:49- DJ Woods gets his first catch. The referee talked fast on the Florida declined penalty. He wants the game to be over. Me too. Me too.
8:43- Pead a strong run to the Florida 38. He should have gotten more carries. Quinn doesn't love him like BK did apparently.
Butch Jones is being interviewed. He says this has been a good time to evaluate the program and recruit. He said he wanted to stay out of the way of the seniors for their big moment. He has taken the time to get the coaching staff, which probably won't be most of the men coaching tonight. After the comma were my thoughts. He wants to continue the process and win more Big East titles. He adds UC needs to do a better job at tackling, and making plays on offense. Duh.
6:05- Pike runs on 3rd and 5 to the Florida 15. The Bearcats finally enter the red zone. Speaking of red zone, it's the deodorant I wear. You should try it.
5:24- Pike almost picked and DJ can't recover to make the catch. 3rd and 10 at the 11.
5:19- Woods makes a 9 yard catch. 4th and 1. Jeff Quinn and his gold chain are going for it.
4:46- Touchdown Marcus Waugh from Tony Pike. Waugh was lined up at fullback. He was really happy to score. I was too.
Florida 37 Cincinnati 10
3:34- Florida has a 3rd down. UC needs to get off the field, and Riley Cooper makes a catch to the UC 49. He has 128 yards, and more because Tebow hits him deep again. Good coverage, just a great catch to the 5.  6 for 174 and a TD. Domination
2:06- Tebow can't find an open receiver, but runs in for the score. 8th game of the year with a passing TD and rushing TD. He has been phenomenal.
Florida 44 Cincinnati 10
Tim Tebow has broken some records in this game. He is 28-31 435 yards 3 TDs and a rushing TD. The 28 and 435 are Sugar Bowl records. He has 471 total yards, which is a bowl record. For every bowl. He passed Vince Young's 467 in the Rose Bowl. It's been remarkable. He might be the greatest college quarterback ever.
Pike is 19-30 110 1 TD. Hooray
:21- UC faces a 3rd down. Pike airmails DJ Woods.
Total Yards UC 139 Florida 507
:06- Jake Rogers pins UF back at the 4. He's had a good game
:06- Tebow still in the game. Tebow stopped for a loss and Davis gets up and does the Gator Chop. That's fucking stupid. You are down 4 fucking 4 to 10. 44 to 10. You have done jack fucking shit tonight. You have no right to taunt. Grow the fuck up man. Come on.
End 3rd Quarter

4th Quarter
14:18- UC forces a punt and a Florida 3 and out for the first time this game. I'll stick with this until the bitter end if you do people.
14:05- Pike still in and slings one to Mardy. Cats to the Florida 41. Quick pitch to Pead for 12. UC still not to 200 yards offense. It's going to suck writing a write up on this one.
11:45- The Cats have 4th and 1 at the 19. Pike sneaks to the 16 or 15. First down.
10:21- First and goal for the Cats at the 4. Pike overthrows Mardy. I'd like to see #1 get a score tonight. He has taken a beating
10:16- 2nd and goal- Pike has a pass intended for Pead in the flat batted down.
10:11- 3rd and goal- Under center and Pike throws one to the end zone. Armon Binns turns in mid-air to make a jumping catch for 6. Nice grab.
Florida 44 Cincinnati 17
10:04- Tebow still in the game. Florida runs on first down. Tebow busts a huge run on second down and does a Gator chomp and fires up the crowd. As if they needed it. 49 yards rushing, 491 on the game.
8:54- Tebow throws to a wide open Rainey. Over 500 yards. 475 for Tebow.
I don't care about running up the score. Cincinnati can't stop them if they run it or if they throw it. Just keep the clock running
7:06- Chris Rainey hurdles Battle and the Gators score from 7 yards out. Meyer and Tebow hug, and that's probably it for Tim.
Florida 51 Cincinnati 17
6:53- It's the Wild Kelce. Travis has a nice run on first down
6:34- Out of the Wild Kelce, UC runs a reverse pass from Pike and Gilyard can't make the catch because he was face masked.
5:41- Mardy can't hang on to a screen at the UF 24. He's had a rough night. 3rd and 10 coming up. John Goebel catches a dump off and falls down after a yard. 4th down coming.
4:54- Pike hits DJ Woods and DJ gets down to the 1. People sent me condolences messages on twitter. That's how bad this has been.
4:33- Darren Williams gets a rare carry and fumbles. But, he falls on it at the 5. 2nd and goal. UC running the clock
3:43- Pike is pressure, but rolls out of the pocket and completes to Alli for a touchdown. Nice way to end it for the offense
Florida 51 Cincinnati 24
3:35- Tebow takes a snap before he goes out to a rousing ovation by the Florida and hopefully Cincinnati faithful that's left. Thom says the tears are coming. I hope so. Cry baby gonna cry? Cry baby cry!
2:29- Some Gators back I never heard of, Gillislee, breaks a 52 yard run. Pretty sure they won't go for 2 to break 60. Alex Daniels limps off.
1:14- Florida running the last couple plays of the game. Urban Meyer gets the gatorade bucket, but Fox cuts away right before he gets hit. The Gators run a dive up the middle, and the Sugar Bowl is finally over.

Final score: Florida 51 Cincinnati 24 MVP: Tim Tebow

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  1. You need to pray that both Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow have simultaneous fatal heart attacks.