Monday, April 19, 2010

Bearcats Breakdown: Steve Toyloy

The first Bearcats Breakdown centered around one player leaving the program, and so will the second. It also centers around another senior, Steve Toyloy. Toyloy was a junior college transfer. He was also mainly a banger, so his numbers aren't going to be as great as some others. But how do they look? Glad you asked.

Scoring: Steve Toyloy averaged a mere 3.2 points a game this season. That's down from nearly 4 last year. Part of that is to blame on Toyloy's down shooting. He took 91 shots, making 48 for 52%, but that's down from 59% last season. Toyloy had trouble finishing around the rim, much to the frustration of many of us. He also was a horrible, horrible free throw shooter. UC would have been better off having a random fan come down and attempt free throws when it was Toyloy's turn at the line. Toyloy was 18-39 46%. That's beyond awful. You have to try really hard to suck that much at free throws. He shot 53% last season. Toyloy at least had it in him to become 7% worse from the field and the line. While his shots went up, Steve only used 12.6% of UC possessions, while playing 38.5% of the minutes. His offensive rating was 99.3, up from 98.7, but nothing too outstanding. His effective, and true shooting percentages were down to 52.7 and 52, from 58.9 and 58.1.

Steve's biggest offensive performance came against Texas Southern. Toyloy scored 13 on 4-6, and 5-6 from the stripe. He did all that in 15 minutes. Toyloy's bottom 16 games would only produce 13 points. He gave the team a nice boost in the win over South Florida, with 9 points on 4-5. He hit 8 twice, in the St John's loss and the Miami victory. The game he took the most shots in was the loss at West Virginia, where he was 3 of 7. I just got flashbacks of the suck of that game.

Rebounding: Steve Toyloy was brought to Cincinnati to rebound, and this season he was a disappointment. He averaged but 3.3 rebounds per game. He put up 3.7 last year. It wasn't even a minute thing, because Toyloy averaged 15.7 minutes after 15.9 minutes last year. Ok, it might have been a slight minute thing, but that's only because Toyloy was ineffective in some games, and that killed his minutes. Toyloy pulled a total of 117 boards, 3 less than last season, 43 of which were offensive. He averaged 1.22 o boards per contest. That was up from last years 1.21. He pulled down 8.7% of Cincinnati misses. His defensive rebounding was worse. He had 74, down from 81. The 2.1 rebounds he pulled home were 15.3% of Cincinnati's rebounds, which is a disappointing number considering it was 18% last year.

Toyloy's best rebounding game was against Prairie View, when he had 9. That 9 rebound performance tied his career high. Toyloy had 8 rebounds in the win over USF, his best game as a Bearcat, and 8 in the win at UConn. In the 11 games Toyloy had at least 5 rebounds, UC was 9-2. The losses being South Florida, and St John's. Toyloy's worst rebounding game was against Georgetown, when he had a big fat 0 in 13 minutes.

Assists/Blocks/Turnovers/Steals: Steve Toyloy didn't have a lot of any of these, so bunching them together is much easier. Toyloy was a black hole when he touched the ball. He had 12 assists, 4 of which came against Prairie View. That tied his career high. Steve had 7 blocks, 2 against Lipscomb. Toyloy turned the ball over 24 times, down from 36 last season. His high was 4, against Prairie View. That Prairie View game is going in the Steve Toyloy time capsule. Toyloy had 7 steals, 1 in 7 games, none of which were against Prairie View.

Overview: Looking back at it, Steve Toyloy had a disappointing senior season. He wasn't expected to be Dwight Howard, but he was expected to be a solid boost in the middle. Instead, he was just a guy. He might be a classic "He is what he is" guy, but he didn't add anything to what he did last season, and that's not good enough. If he would have just dedicated himself to hitting the glass, he could have put Yancy Gates, or Bishop, or Thomas on the bench. Instead, he didn't do that, and he was the one on the bench as the season went on. Toyloy was a nice player, seemed like a nice guy, but his senior season was a D. He had B- or C expectations, but he failed to deliver. He tried hard I guess, and so we thank him for his effort. It just wasn't enough.

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