Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why We Should Root Against West Virginia

We looked at why we should root for West Virginia yesterday, now it's time to flip that coin. We are going to go through all the reasons why we should root against West Virginia in the Final Four and beyond. Let's not waste any more time, and get into the action. 

  • Bob Huggins
Let's look at the Bob Huggins Tournament resume at UC. Why? Because Bob Huggins has done something at West Virginia he never did at Cincinnati, beat good teams in the Tournament.

  1. It started off not so bad, with a loss to the Fab 5 in the Final Four (although they were a 6 seed). 
  2. North Carolina (eventual champions) in the Elite 8, in an overtime game.
  3. The Wisconsin loss doesn't count since that team sucked in hindsight. 
  4. UConn was good as well, and a 2 seed. Then the questionable losses start. 
  5. Elite 8 loss to 5 seed Mississippi State as a 2. 
  6. 2nd round loss to 6 Iowa State as a 3. 
  7. 2nd round loss to 10 West Virginia as a 2. That team nearly lost to 15 Northern Arizona as well. 
  8. 2nd round loss to 6 Temple as a 3. Temple seemed to always beat Cincinnati. 
  9. 2nd round loss to 7 Tulsa as a 2 seed. They should have been a 1, but they would have lost to the 8 or 9. That team was done when Kenyon Martin went down. 
  10. Sweet 16 loss to 1 Stanford as a 5 is good. That team was lucky to make the Sweet 16, but it made it. 
  11. 2nd round loss to 8 UCLA as a 1 seed. That loss still hurts. 
  12. 1st round loss to 9 Gonzaga. UC played like shit, and got hosed by the officials. 
  13. 2nd round loss to 5 Illinois as a 4. Just like the year UC lost to West Virginia, they were lucky to make the second round. Unlike that year, UC got the doors blown off in an embarrassing effort. 
  14. 2nd round loss to 2 Kentucky as a 7. Not so bad. 
At West Virginia, Huggins beat a 2 seed his first year (Duke), and after a first round flame out last year, they beat 1 seed Kentucky to advance to the Final Four. How many 1s or 2s did Hugs beat at UC? Fucking 0. Thanks for using your failure to win here as your keys to win there.

  1. Watching Bob Huggins coach West Virginia is weird. I think it was Mo Egger who wrote it was like watching your ex-wife get married, while your current wife sucks. In bad ways. That makes sense.
  2. Bob Huggins is partially responsible for the decline. He didn't do anything recruiting wise for the Kennedy year. They had Downey, but besides that, nothing big. 
  3. Sweatsuits on the sidelines? What are you? Coaching 10 year olds? You are a fucking millionaire college coach who could probably get anyone to send you a different suit for each game each year, yet he wears free Nike sweatsuits like a bum. Way to look like a slob. 
  4. Bob Huggins would probably still be the UC coach if he called a cab or hitched a ride. If he acted responsibly instead of an asshole, things would be very different. 
  5. Bob Huggins probably should have resigned. Just throwing that out there.
  • They are from the Big East
I never understood the blind conference pride. We root against West Virginia and Louisville and Syracuse and Georgetown all season long, and now we are supposed to jump on the bandwagon? Um, no. I wasn't disappointed when Syracuse lost to Butler, or when Georgetown lost to Ohio. I was pretty happy. I didn't root for Villanova or UConn last year, so why would I root for West Virginia?

  • Da'Sean Butler
A couple things about Butler. 1, he is not the best player Bob Huggins ever coached. I hate when people say things like that, and of course, Bob Huggins went ahead and said that. Is he better than Kenyon? No. Better than Logan? Maybe. Better than Fortson? No. It's annoying. 2 is this.

  • West Virginia has a player named Flowers.
It makes me think of Rod Flowers every single time. I was not a Rod Flowers fan at all, and I find this incredibly annoying.

  • I'm already getting mad about the fact they are going to lose to Duke.
Seriously, fuck Duke.

  • West Virginia sucks. 

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