Thursday, April 22, 2010

Exclusive Bearcats Bowl IV Preview with Darrin Williams and DJ Woods

You all know what they say about the hits, they just keep on comin'. Well, here at Bearcats Blog, we have not one, but two exclusive previews about Saturday night's Bearcat Bowl IV. There will be a full run down of what to expect Saturday night tomorrow. This is a preview that is what to expect on the field. Here are the exclusives with first running back, and probable kick returner, Darrin Williams, followed by wide receiver extraordinaire DJ Woods. Thanks to both student athletes.

(Not the best picture. Sorry Darrin)

Bearcats Blog: How forward are you looking forward to game on Saturday? It should be pretty awesome. 
Darrin Williams :Looking forward to it.. been waiting on this since the beginning of spring ball... Isaiah Pead and I will put on a nice show.

Who is looking forward to it now? I am. I believe the running back are going to be a huge strength to the team, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in action.

Bearcats Blog: Are you looking forward to Bearcats Bowl next week?

DJ Woods: Ya it gonna be good to watch. Hope you're ready.

I am ready. And like DJ, I hope you are as well. It should be something. It's getting to be about that time peeps, let's get pumped. 

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