Thursday, April 8, 2010

Questions and Answers

So much has been going down with Cincinnati athletics that it's time to bust out some questions and answers. Is this just a lazy writing device so that I can throw up a post on this Thursday? Maybe. Let's jump into it.

Where does UC stand without Lance Stephenson and Deonta Vaughn?
Great question. I have no idea who is the 'man' on next season's Bearcats. Obviously the answer is Yancy Gates, wait put down the shotgun you just put in your mouth. Yancy is the best player coming back. Sean Kilpatrick was redshirted for this reason. The Bearcats are going to need progress from Cash, My best buddy Dion Dixon and Jaquan Parker. They also need Larry Davis to snap out of whatever funk he was in last season. I don't know if his dog died, his girlfriend and him had a rocky relationship where they fought all season, made up before his good games, and broke up before every other game, if he sucked in school or what. He has a nice shot, last year excluded, and I think he can bounce back.

What recruits does UC have coming in so far?
They have power forward, Rivals 140, and ESPN Top 100, Justin Jackson coming. They also have center Kelvin Gaines. They played together at Arlington County Day School in Florida. Jackson was the 24th rated PF, while Gaines was 17 at center. According to the ESPN recruiting site, 4 power forwards are considering Cincinnati. Apparently, Marquis Teague has dropped Cincinnati off his list. I think his list is now Louisville, Indiana and Purdue, but I could be wrong.

What player do you think is going to step up next season?
I think it's going to be Jaquan Parker. If it were me running the team, my lineup would be Gates, Thomas, Kilpatrick, Parker and Cash. Maybe Jackson, maybe Bishop (if he returns). I think UC should definitely try to run more next season. Kilpatrick is a scorer, Cash can create, Parker can spot up, Ibby can run the floor. Darnell Wilks is promising. Yancy Gates is going to have to dedicate himself this offseason. He's going to have to be a monster next year. If not, put him on the bench and start Jackson with Thomas.

Do you agree with Anthony Buford that Yancy Gates should go?
Anthony didn't say it like that. The interview is here. He basically said what I just said, that Gates needs to be a monster or he should be on the bench. He also said Rashad Bishop was second to go, which he didn't elaborate on, but obviously I agree with. Anthony knows a hell of a lot more than me, even if he sounds like a moron on commentary, sorry AB, you suck. Wear it. I still like you though. Buford was a good player, and if he thinks someone is jaking and a coach killer, then by all means he should call them out. Why he did in that interview and doesn't do it on air, I don't know.

Is there anything better than rumors about how teams fell apart?
I assume you mean this rumor. Apparently, the rumor going around Flip-flip-Flipadelphia is that Corey Fisher knocked up Scottie Reynolds' girlfriend, and that's why they were suspended and that's why their season fell apart. I don't believe it, but it's fun stuff to speculate about I guess.

Mike Rosario is leaving Rutgers, now Fred Hill looks like he's going. Thoughts?
First off, Fred Hill is an idiot. If you don't know, he unleashed a profanity laced tirade at a Pitt-Rutgers baseball game after a close play at first base. Pitt's AD took offense, and now Hill could be fired as early as today. Moron. As for Rosario, it's interesting he's thinking about transferring instead of going pro. He put up nearly 17 last year. He must know he wouldn't get drafted, and has no plans to play in Europe or Russia or the Dominican right now. Good for him continuing his education. Come to Cincinnati Mike.

Who are the new coaches in the Big East?
Well, you really haven't been paying attention. Seton Hall hired Kevin Willard, formerly a Louisville assistant who helped recruit the Final Four team in 05 with Mick Cronin, and coached Iona. St John's hired former UCLA coach and ESPN talking head Steve Lavin. Rutgers is rumored to be after another ESPN talking head, Fran Fraschilla.

What awesome UC player asked you when Lance Stephenson turned pro, but you didn't check twitter to answer him in a timely manner?
Your boy Reuben Johnson. Sorry for not answering faster Reuben.

Lastly, we are going to close things out with an awesome thing. Former Bearcat legend Kenyon Martin had an April Fool's Day prank pulled on him. JR Smith's driver filled K Mart's car with buttered popcorn. Kenyon didn't take this lightly. Despite the lips tattoo, he unleashed his rage on his teammates. The audio, courtesy of TMZ, is here.

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