Friday, April 2, 2010

Final Four Preview

There was going to be more than this than just a quick Final Four preview, but Blogger was being retarded earlier and it's 4 right now and I want to get this up before 5. That was a run on sentence yes, but time is of the essence. It took me 3 tries to spell essence, which really slowed things down. As does rambling on and on about things that you, the reader, probably do not care about. Before we get into the Final Four preview, I'm going to share something. That something is a spoiler about Survivor, so if you haven't watched it, stop reading.

On last night's episode, Boston Rob was voted off. As he was getting up, Coach tried to give him a hug, but Rob was having none of it, and called him "A little man." Now that was hilarious, but the more hilarious part was the hug block that Rob pulled. Coach got up and went for the hug, but Rob ignored it and started walking out. It was glorious. Now I have never been hug blocked before, but I'm going to assume that it makes you feel like shit. To have it done on national tv, that's just glorious. I watched that part about 5 times. That brings us to the Bearcats blog tip of the day, if you piss someone off and lose their respect, don't try to hug them desperately after. It's unbecoming.

Final Four Preview
6:07 PM
Butler Bulldogs v. Michigan State Spartans

5 Butler Bulldogs 30-6
How they got here: Horizon League Tournament Champions 
Round 1- 77-59 over UTEP
Round 2- 54-52 over Murray State
Round 3-  63-59 over Syracuse
Round 4- 63-56 over Kansas State
Best Players: Gordon Hayward 15.5-8.2 Shelvin Mack 14.2-3.8-3.1 assists-1.4 steals
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 46/6

5 Michigan State Spartans 28-8
How they got here: At large (Big 10 3 way tie Co-Champions)
Round 1- 70-67 over New Mexico State
Round 2- 85-83 over Maryland
Round 3- 59-52 over Northern Iowa
Round 4- 70-69 over Tennessee
Best Players:  Raymar Morgan 11.5-6.2 Durrell Summers 11.2-4.6 
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 25/33

Prediction: Ken Pom has Butler by 2, winning 58% of the time. I agree. I'm fully on the Butler Bulldogs bandwagon. There is still room if you want to join. I'm pretty sure that it will now be cursed, and they will lose by 29 to Michigan State. 
Butler 64 Michigan State 59

8:47 PM
West Virginia Mountaineers v. Duke Blue Devils

2 West Virginia Mountaineers 31-6
How they got here: Big East Tournament Champions
Round 1- 77-50 over Morgan State
Round 2- 68-59 over Missouri 
Round 3- 69-56 over Washington
Round 4- 73-66 over Kentucky
Best Players: Da'Sean Butler 17.4-6.3-3.2 assists Kevin Jones 13.7-7.2
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 12/10

1 Duke Blue Devils 31-5
How they got here: Won ACC Tournament
Round 1- 73-44 over Arkansas Pine Bluff
Round 2- 68-53 over California
Round 3- 70-57 over Purdue
Round 4- 78-71 over Baylor
Best Players: Jon Scheyer 18.2-4.8 assists Kyle Singler 17.6-6.9
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 1/3

Prediction: Ken Pom has Duke by 5, with a 70% chance of winning. I don't think that it's going to be that clear cut. I like this West Virginia team, and think they can hang. They need to score though. Duke is excellent defensively, and they are efficient offensively. I think this is going to be a knockdown, drag out affair. 
Prediction: Duke 72 West Virginia 65

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