Saturday, March 13, 2010

Big East Tournament Day 4 Recap

Day 4 of 742 saw uneven action Friday night. The Big East Championship game will be played on Saturday night at 9pm. It will be televised on ESPN. I may or may not be watching, it depends on how interested I am in the Manny Pacquiao v. Joshua Clottey fight. That was information right there. I picked West Virginia to win the Big East tournament, and that's what it looks like might happen. Will I pick it? Maybe, my prediction is at the bottom. It's an outspoken prediction on this outspoken site. Right CNati? In all seriousness, thank them for the link. I would not have blogged angry though. If I wrote the WVU-UC recap Thursday night, it would have been full of tears, and me going 'whyyyyyy, whyyyyyyy'? Let's also thank our great friends over at Card Chronicle. They linked the amazing Louisville preview on their main page, and they are great guys, and girls.

8 Georgetown 80 5 Marquette 57- The game was close at halftime, but the Hoyas laid the smack down on the Golden Eagles in the second half. The Hoyas had the lead from the get go, with a 7-0 run to start. They also led 15-4 before Marquette came back. The score at the 13 minute mark was 48-47, meaning the Hoyas closed out with a 32-10 run. Greg Monroe put on a show with 23-13-7 assists-2 blocks. Chris Wright and Jason Clark had 15, and Austin Freeman 12-8. Georgetown shot 53%.  Marquette shot 35% in the losing effort. Jimmy Butler had 17-5, Maurice Acker 16, and Lazar Hayward 15.

3 West Virginia 53 7 Notre Dame 51 - Another game in the 50s for the Mountaineers was decided on a 3 at the end. This time, it was Tory Jackson of Notre Dame taking it, and he missed. Notre Dame was down 10 with 5 minutes to go before chipping back. Cincinnati and Notre Dame have laid out how to play West Virginia. If they see a team who will slow it down in the NCAA Tournament, it could be another early exit. Ben Hansbrough had 17 to lead Notre Dame, while Luke Harangody added 10 off the bench. Tory Jackson had 7-7 assists. Da'Sean Butler put up 24-7 for the winning Mountaineers, Kevin Jones had 10, and Devin Ebanks 8-7.

8 Georgetown v. 3 West Virginia - I see this game being a closely played affair. West Virginia blew the doors off the Hoyas last week, but that was with Freeman gone. He's come back, and Georgetown has been explosive. Explosive enough to spring the upset? I don't think so. I think West Virginia wins their first Big East Championship 65-61


  1. I'm a big Cincy bball fan, but do we really wish we had Bob Huggins back?
    I just read a book, "Varsity Green," by a guy at the Wall Street Journal. Pretty damning stuff about Huggins. And he thinks Nancy Zimpher should be head of the NCAA.

    Frank Peters

  2. No, we don't. I wrote in this space a little while ago that I think he should have gone after the dui. If UC replaced him in a non-stupid manner, the fanbase probably wouldn't have splintered so much. I would like more fans to leave the past in the past.