Monday, March 29, 2010

Josh Schneider: Record breaker

Normally at the Bearcats Blog, we talk about basketball and football. Mainly, that's because college baseball annoys us, and because no one ever sends volleyball results. But someone has come along, and swam into the hearts of every Bearcat. That man, is Josh Schneider. We talked about Josh's exploits in an earlier post, but he's gone out and done something even more incredible. Josh became an NCAA Champion.

The event: 50 freestyle. The time: 18:93. That's a school record, and a pool record. He became the first Bearcat swimmer to win an individual swimming championship since 1946, and only the second swimmer in Cincinnati history. He received a congratulatory call by the man who won in 1946, Charles Keating. Per Go Bearcats, Josh said this about his big day.
"The key to the race was not thinking about it," Schneider said. "I just let it rock out. I was third at the turn and I said to myself I wasn't going to lose the race. It was so loud in here, I had no idea I won. I looked up at the board and saw a 1 by my name and couldn't believe it."
 That's what we should all aspire to, letting it rock out. Josh wasn't done shattering records and making the ladies swimsuits drop. The next day, he would go on to set another UC record in the 100 yard butterfly. Who's record did he break? His own from earlier in the day. He swam a 46.36 and a 46.21. Was that good enough to win the Consolation Finals? Fuck yeah it was. This is Josh Schneider we are talking about.

On Sunday, Josh was seeded 11th for the 100 freestyle, with a time of 43.00. That's a school record, personal record and Big East meet record for those of you who don't follow the pool. What did he go out and do? He finished 6th. He put up a time of 42.68. He went above and beyond. For his efforts, he was named an All-American in the 100 free. That's the second time that he's done that. He broke 7, that's right 7, school records at the event. He broke all of his personal bests at the event. He broke them all again at the event.

Putting a capper on things, not only did Josh Schneider set personal records, not only did he shatter UC records, not only did he win a consolation finals, not only was he named an All-American, he became a National Champion and the greatest swimmer in Cincinnati history. The greatest. When you think of swimming at the University of Cincinnati, which you should from now on, push Charles Keating's old ass to the side. Because Josh Schneider is the king of the pool. Congratulations Josh.

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