Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cincinnati a 2 seed in the NIT

Cincinnati drew a 2 seed in the NIT tournament. The Bearcats face off with 7 seed Weber State Wednesday night at 7 on ESPN2. The Bearcats are in the same bracket as 1 seed Illinois, and 3 seed Dayton. Illinois plays at Stony Brook because the Illini booked their arena already in a hilarious side note. The 4 seed is Kent State, 5 seed Tulsa. Dayton, as noted, is the 3 seed and they play 6 seed Missouri State. I would give out the rest of the bracket, but my caring level is as low as yours. I'll preview this tournament more Wednesday. There will be a huge NCAA tournament preview unleashed either tomorrow and Tuesday, or Tuesday and Wednesday. Considering UC plays Wednesday, it will probably be tomorrow and Tuesday.

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