Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Breaking Down the Brackets: Midwest

Even though the Cincinnati Bearcats are in the NIT, does not mean that you won't get an awesome NCAA Tournament preview. We  kicked things off with games in the South, and East. Now, it's on to the Midwest region, aka, the region of death. Before you jump in, sign up for the Bearcats Blog Tournament Challenge. It's on Search for Bearcats Blog, or click here. Stats by Ken Pomeroy.


1 Kansas Jayhawks 32-2
How they got here: Big 12 Tournament Champions
Best Players: Sherron Collins 15.6-4.4 assists Xavier Henry 13.6-4.2-1.5 steals
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 2/5

16 Lehigh Mountain Hawks 22-10
How they got here: Patriot League Tournament Champions
Best Players: C.J McCollum 18.9-4.9-2.4 assists Maquis Hall 11-3.6-5.7 assists
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 133/242

Predicted Winner (KenPom/Me): Kansas by 27. Yep.

8 UNLV Runnin' Rebels 25-8
How they got here: At large (MWC 3rd place)
Best Players: Tre'Von Willis 17.3-3.9-3.4 assists Chace Stanback 10.7-5.8-1.6 steals
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 58/29

9 Northern Iowa Panthers 28-4
How they got here: Missouri Valley Tournament Champions
Best Players: Jordan Egsleder 12-7.3 Adam Koch 11.8-4.9
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 81/13

Predicted Winner (KenPom/Me): Northern Iowa by 1. I love UNLV, so I have to differ from the man here.

4 Maryland Terrapins 23-8
How they got here: At large (ACC Co-Champions)
Best Players: Greivis Vasquez 19.5-4.6-6.3 assists-1.7 steals Landon Milbourne 12.5-4.9-1.3 blocks
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank:

13 Houston Cougars 19-15
How they got here: Conference USA Tournament Champions
Best Players: Aubrey Coleman 25.6-7.4-2.6 assists-2.7 steals Kelvin Lewis 15.8-4-1.8 steals
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 40/165

Predicted Winner (KenPom/Me): Maryland by 14. It's hard seeing Houston stay close. They have a small chance because Coleman is the nation's leading scorer, and he can light up a gym. The Terps are too talented though.

5 Michigan St. Spartans 24-8
How they got here: At large (Big 10 3 way tie Co-Champions)
Best Players: Kalin Lucas 14.9-3.9 assists Raymar Morgan 11.5-6.2
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank:

12 New Mexico St Aggies 22-11
How they got here: WAC Tournament Champions
Best Players: Jahmar Young 20.5-3.5-3.2 assists Jonathan Gibson 17.5-2.9-2.8 assists-1.4 steals
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 46/222

Predicted Winner (KenPom/Me): Michigan St by 12. Hard to disagree. The Aggies are awful on defense. 

2 Ohio State Buckeyes 27-7
How they got here: Big 10 Tournament Champions
Best Players: Evan Turner 20.3-9.2-5.9 assists William Buford 14.5-5.6-3.2 assists 
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 7/22

15 UC Santa Barbara Gauchos  20-9
How they got here: Big West Tournament Champions
Best Players: Orlando Johnson 17.9-5.4-2.3 assists James Nunnally 15-5.7
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 209/99

Predicted Winner (KenPom/Me): Ohio State by 18. Yes, the Villain might throw up a triple double.

7 Oklahoma State Cowboys 22-10
How they got here: At large (Big 12 6th place tie)
Best Players: James Anderson 22.6-5.8-2.4 assists-1.3 steals Obi Muonelo 13.4-5.1-2.3 assists
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 37/63

10 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 22-12
How they got here: At large (ACC 7th place)
Best Players: Gani Lawal 13.1-8.7-1.4 blocks Derrick Favors 12.5-8.5-2.1 blocks 
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 57/17

Predicted Winner (KenPom/Me): Georgia Tech by 3. I'm going with the Cowboys. I don't see it in Georgia Tech.

3 Georgetown Hoyas 23-10
How they got here: At large (Big East 8th place)
Best Players: Austin Freeman 16.7-3.6-2.4 assists Greg Monroe 16.1-9.5-3.7 assists 1.2 steals 1.5 blocks
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 10/33

14 Ohio Bobcats 21-14
How they got here: MAC Tournament Champions
Best Players: Armon Bassett 16.9-3.2-3.5 assists D.J Cooper 13.1-5.4-5.9 assists-2.5 steals 
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 105/109

Predicted Winner (KenPom/Me): Georgetown by 12. Ohio had a hell of a run in the MAC Tourney, as did Georgetown in the BET. I think they Hoyas are way too much for the Bobcats though.

6 Tennessee Volunteers 25-8
How they got here: At large (SEC 3rd place)
Best Players: Wayne Chism 12.5-7.1-1.4 blocks Scotty Hobson 12.5-3.5
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 99/8

11 San Diego St. Aztecs 25-8
How they got here: MWC Tournament Champions
Best Players: Kawhi Leonard 12.8-9.9-1.4 steals Billy White 11.2-4.4 
Ken Pom Off/Def Rank: 43/42 

Predicted Winner (KenPom/Me): Tennessee by 1. In this toss up, I'm going to roll with the Aztecs. Mainly because their name is cooler. 

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