Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lance Stephenson unanimous Big East All-Rookie Selection

The man known as Born Ready was put on the All Rookie team as you can tell by the headline. Stephenson was a unanimous vote, as voted on by the Big East coaches. The rest of the All Rookie team are:

Dane Miller - Rutgers (unanimous selection)
Alex Orianki - Connecticut
Vincent Council - Providence
Brandon Triche- Syracuse
Maalik Wayns- Villanova

The first, second and third team All-Big East teams were named, with no Bearcats for the first time in a few years. Namely because Deonta Vaughn wasn't honored for the first time in forever. Here are those teams

First Team
Luke Harangody - Notre Dame
Scottie Reynolds - Villanova (unanimous selection)
Wesley Johnson - Syracuse
Greg Monroe - Georgetown
Dominique Jones - South Florida
Da'Sean Butler - West Virginia

Second Team
Austin Freeman - Georgetown
Ashton Gibbs - Pittsburgh
Jeremy Hazell - Seton Hall
Andy Rautins - Syracuse
Lazar Hayward - Marquette

Third Team
Jerome Dyson - Connecticut
Kemba Walker - Connecticut
Samardo Samuels - Louisville
Corey Fisher - Villanova
Devin Ebanks - West Virginia

Honorable Mention
Jamine Peterson - Providence
Jimmy Butler - Marquette
Tim Abromaitis - Notre Dame
Tim Abromaitis' Acne - Notre Dame (unanimous selection) (for the commenter, Tim Abromaitis approved this message)

Congratulations to all of these men on their accomplishments. Especially Lance Stephenson, since he goes to UC.


  1. While you get on Tim Abromaitis for having acne why don't you make fun of Austin Freeman for his diabetes you douchebag? Do you count writing a blog about UC as an accomplishment in your life? Enjoy the NIT.

  2. It's a joke, get over yourself

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  9. Dude, the Abromaitis acne joke is old. I'll admit it was funny the first time, but now not so much. Kid can't help it.

    Besides Abro's acne didn't stop a lady admirer from writing a letter to him in the ND Observer about his "dreamy smile." Haha.

  10. The Abromoitis is acne faced.