Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cincinnati v. Rutgers Big East Tournament Preview

Quick note: I will be live blogging the first round games tomorrow starting at 12 noon. Be here (EDIT: Sorry, I couldn't. But I will tomorrow, whether Cincinnati wins or loses)

The 11 seeded Cincinnati Bearcats meet up with the 14 seeded Rutgers Scarlet Knights tonight in the Big East Tournament. The game will tip off sometime around 9:30. I'm eschewing the normal Know Your Opponent preview for something a little quicker, as Cincinnati could play up to 5 games in 5 days. I'll just break down the basics about the teams, since I made my predictions yesterday in this post. Don't worry, I'll repeat the prediction at the bottom so you don't have read that again if you don't want. In this space, we're going to highlight the top 5 in minutes, points, and rebounds for each team, as well as the leading assist man and shot blocker and what have you.


  1. Deonta Vaughn 30
  2. Lance Stephenson 28.3
  3. Rashad  Bishop 25.8
  4. Yancy Gates 24.9
  5. Cashmere Wright 17.8

  1. Lance Stephenson 12
  2. Deonta Vaughn 11.2
  3. Yancy Gates 10.5
  4. Rashad Bishop 8.4
  5. Ibrahima Thomas 5.7

  1. Yancy Gates 6
  2. Lance Stephenson 5.3
  3. Ibrahima Thomas 4.9 
  4. Rashad Bishop 4.4
  5. Steve Toyloy 3.7

  • Deonta Vaughn 3.5
  • Lance Stephenson 2.4

  • Deonta Vaughn 1.1
  • Lance Stephenson 1

  • Yancy Gates 0.9

  1. Mike Rosario 33.7
  2. Jonathan Mitchell 32.9
  3. Hamady Ndiaye 28.1
  4. Dane Miller 27.2
  5. James Beatty 25.6
  1. Mike Rosario 16.4
  2. Jonathan Mitchell 11.7
  3. Hamady Ndiaye 9.5
  4. Dane Miller 9.5
  5. Mike Coburn 6.5
  1. Hamady Ndiaye 7.1
  2. Jonathan Mitchell 6
  3. Dane Miller 6
  4. Mike Rosario 4
  5. James Beatty 2.1
  • James Beatty 3.5
  • James Coburn 3.3
  • Dane Miller 2.3
  • James Beatty 1.4
  • Mike Rosario 1
  • Dane Miller 1
  • Hamady Ndiaye 4.5

  • Hamady Ndiaye is the Big East Defensive Player of the Year. 
  • Dane Miller joined Lance Stephenson as the only two unanimous selections to the Big East All Rookie Team. 
  • Cincinnati won the only meeting 65-58. Deonta Vaughn had 17, Yancy Gates 10-8, Lance Stephenson 10-6. For Rutgers, Jonathan Mitchell had 14-7, Mike Rosario 12, and Dane Miller 10-6-3 assists-2 steals.
  • Hamady Ndiaye and Ibrahima Thomas are close friends.
  • Cincinnati has never won a Big East Tournament game.
I think this game will be a little more high scoring than the first. Cincinnati goes dark for times on offense, but I think they will be motivated after the Georgetown disaster. At least I hope so. Rutgers hasn't broken 80 since early February, and Cincinnati hasn't since late January, so I don't expect it to be too much fireworks. Especially following Seton Hall and Providence. Curious note, both teams were drilled in their last games out. Cincinnati by Georgetown, and Rutgers by Pittsburgh.

I have a feeling that the Bearcats may take an early lead, but Rutgers will storm back. I know, what a crazy concept that is. But, I think that the Bearcats hang on and win, 70-68. 

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