Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's On Tap

The offseason is now in full swing. Things will start to get slow, but I'll try to keep things fresh around these parts. Wednesday, and Thursday are going to see a 'Why We Should Root for West Virginia' and 'Why We Shouldn't Root for West Virginia' posts. Friday will be a Final Four preview. Sunday will probably see a recap of Final Four action. Monday night, there will be a live blog of the NCAA Championship game. Even if it's Duke-Michigan State. 

There are going to be some new features. One will be a recap of the meaningful games of the season. Another will be a review of the players. One will be forgotten Bearcats. That will continue weekly until the start of the football season. There will be looks at the Bearcats spring sports weekly. And finally, a random post of the week. It could be a YouTube, a rant, a list, it'll be random. I'll try to get some interviews, but probably not. The plan is to keep things going until football season starts. We'll do our best. 

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